Friday, 5 August 2022

Jammie Dodger Cross Stitch Coaster

A friend sent me a cross stitch kit to make a Jammie Dodger coaster which should have been backed with a piece of felt.  I didn't want my stitching to get stained with tea and coffee so after finishing the design I trimmed the fabric and placed it into an acrylic coaster instead.  A piece of paper was placed behind the design to cover the back of my stitching before the coaster was clipped closed.

I'm also giving away some stamp sets as part of my Birthday Giveaway.

Kath x


meg said...

Your jammie dodger makes a fantastic coaster Kath

Sue said...

Hi Kath, Good enough to eat:) Sue

Stamps and Paper said...

Great coaster Kath… all you want us a cup of tea and the biscuit


Pat said...

This is such a fun piece of cross stitch and much better put within the acrylic coaster casing. It would be such a shame to have it ruined after all the work you put into it. x

KT Fit Kitty said...

Beautiful cross-stitching, Kath, and yummy too! This is a craft I would like to try as it seems relaxing to do. Great idea to go with the acrylic instead of felt backer as I agree it would be difficult to use with the fear of it getting stained.

Valerija said...

Amazing project. Love your cross-stitching.
Valerija xx