Sunday, 9 February 2020

My First Needle Felt Picture

On Wednesday I went to a free two hour taster session at a local education centre to make a Needle Felt picture.  We started by making a brooch using a cookie cutter to form the shape and then progressed to the picture. Some people made their own design, but Sam, the tutor, also had some pictures we could use as inspiration so I chose a hot air balloon

It was a fun two hours and Sam was excellent (I've got two more courses booked with her over the next few weeks) but I'm not sure that it's the new craft for me.

Kath x


Stamps and Paper said...

Kath your felt picture is lovely, its something I've never tried but klike to.


Aquarius said...

A fun craft - lots can be done with needle felting.

Valerija said...

It's beautiful Kath.
Valerija xx

Pat said...

The look of the scene you've created is beautiful Kath and the darker outline of the balloon stands out well against the background. You can get special multi needle tools to felt but when you start it tends to be using a single needle I think, and personally I think all that stabbing with the needle would become a bit tedious, I'm probably not patient, but it is good to give these things a go and if there were any local classes I would certainly like to give it a try, and you have tackled it very well. x

Sue said...

Hi Kath, That's nice. Hope you enjoy the next two classes. Sue

Liz said...

Lovely needle felt picture, Kath. Hope you enjoy the next two workshops. I've only every tried making a needle felted penguin. It was a fun workshop, but I don't think I'd take it up as a new hobby. xx