Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Questions about Card Blanks and Giveaway

For the next few months I'm going to post some questions on the first Wednesday of the month as I'm interested in products and techniques that other crafters use.  As a thank you to those who leave a response I'll have a small giveaway too.

This month's questions are about Card Blanks:
  -  Do you use ready made card blanks or do you make your own?
  -  If you use ready made which make do you prefer and why?
  -  If you make your own what card do you like to use and why?
  -  What weight of card do you like to use?
  -  Do you have a preferred colour?
  -  What size do you prefer to make?
Plus anything else you would like to add about card blanks!

All comments will be entered for the giveaway, unless you specifically say that you don't want to be included.  This month I'm giving away a Clearly Besotted 'Miniature Florals' clear stamp set.


Please leave all comments by 08:00 BST on Tuesday 13 August.  I'll announce the winner of the stamp set next Wednesday, together with a precis of responses - just in case anyone else is curious too!

Kath x


Jane Willis said...

I buy square ones - 15cm and 20cm. I've been buying the smaller ones from Cranbrook Cards and the bigger ones from Joanna Sheen recently, but since Craft Creations has recently reopened I'll probably go back to buying from them as they have such a huge range of finishes and qualities.
Every other size I cut/fold myself using a scoring board for accuracy. Mostly I use a white or cream cardstock but if another colour would be better for the purpose I have in mind, I have plenty to choose from. I prefer to use 280 or 300gsm card but if I'm going to be adding a lot of layers a lighter weight is OK.

New Creations said...

I always love to make my own ard base using my scoring board and almost preferring white ones! But sometimes the base of the CS depends on my themes too!
I love to work measuring my card blanks 4"X5" or 5"X6". Prefer to use 220 gsm to 300 gsm card sheets. Thanks for the opportunity to win this gorgeous stamp!

Dotty Jo said...

Hi Kath, I buy A4 sheets of card from Papermill and cut them to size. I use a Scoreboard to get a nice finish. I've done this for ages now as it means I can vary the size of my cards. I usually use the linen white or cream. Other than that I like to use card from Bazzils or Stampin' up as I like the weight. Having said that Bazzils card isn't really strong enough as a card base if your card has embelishments or lots of layers. Jo x

meg said...

I use a mix Kath, I have a variety of card stock bought directly from the papermill in Aberdeen usually 300 gms + its great to work with and scores folds beautifully, sadly doesn't go through my printer so for that I use 270gm cards stock from craft creations either 6x6 or 5x7 which I can use as is or cut to 5x5

Mrs A. said...

When I first started making cards10 yrs ago I used ready made ones. Straight ones and scalloped edge. Mostly 6x6. Just recently ran out of the scalloped edge and when I couldn’t find a replacement I liked or for the price of 10 yrs ago(!) I bought John Next Door’s scalloped card die cuts in two sizes and now make my own scalloped cards. The die cuts were the same prices as a 50 pack set of blanks each so for me that was a no brainier. I buy my card stock in all colours from Limetreecraft when at shows(they have recently gone to selling also on line) and tend to use the lighter weights (as I layer up on a lot of my cards) and then 250gsm or300gsm in white card stock for bases. Because I am then restricted by the cardstock size I tend to make 5.5 x5.5 , 6x4 or 5x7 cards. I also like trying my hand at different card shapes so cardstock is ideal for me to use. Hugs Mrs A.

Lynne said...

Hi Kath. I tend to buy ready made ones for the basic 6x6" and 5"x7". Hobbycraft often have them on offer at half price so for £2.50 you can't go wrong. If I make a shaped card I'll make my own and prefer to use 300 gsm x

Joan said...

I've been buying mine from Hobbycraft, usually wait til they have offers and get several packs at half price, I normally only use 6x6 or 5x7, did buy some scalloped ones ages ago but decided I didn't like them so sometimes trim one down to make a smaller card. I also have 5x5 but find them too small ,sometimes use them for a quick thank you card and I have just used some old 4x6 to make some Christmas cards,trying to use up stash. I try and buy my coloured card stock from Limetree at shows, lovely card at good prices just run out of Christmas red and had to order from eBay reluctantly, waiting to see what it's like, it did work out the same price as Limetree,
We don't have a local show until November so I will probably be needing more before then!

Joan x

Pat said...

I am very boring when it comes to cards and really mainly use white with occasional cream ones, and am thinking I will use black more often too. I buy Craft Creations 8" square and cut down to make mostly 6 x 6 or 7 x 5, but obviously this covers all bases. This does make a lot of waste and I have tried making my own and I do occasionally, but I never seem to get the finish I like with a good crisp fold which I personally think spoils the finished look of a card which is probably down in part to liking to use 300gsm or thereabouts, and I have never got round to getting a really good and bigger sized scoreboard. This is a great idea of yours Kath and it is lovely to see what others do, and thank you for offering this lovely stamp set to one of us. x

Denise Bryant said...

I mostly make them myself. I buy a ream of Neenah Solar White cardstock in 80# weight. I do occasionally buy other kinds, and I have some Georgia Pacific on hand, and a Neenah Exact Index in 110# weight. I also have a pack of Park Lane kraft in 110# weight. White is what I use most often. I actually find the Park Lane kraft in that 110# weight very hard to get a good fold because it is so thick, so I am mostly using that for layers instead of card bases. I like to cut several sheets of cardstock down to size and score them so they're ready to go when I want to make cards. I almost always make A2 size cards. I have a couple of different scoring tools that I like, the small ScorPal being very handy and used most often. I also have a Scor-it, but I don't think that brand is available any more.
Thanks for a chance to win the beautiful Clearly Besotted stamp set!

Crafty Little Miss K said...

Over the years I've been crafting, I have collected so many packs of card and envelopes. All different shapes and sizes. I have stired them where they are easy to reach and nowadays, I use a mix of ready made ones and one I cut and score myself. My favourite ones are 6x6 square which I make myself from A4 card (using the left over strip to create a Z fold occasionally. Ready made ones are usually 5x7 although I still have loads of C6 size. Mainly white bases but sometimes when I make my own I'll use coloured card.
Karen x

Liz said...

- Do you use ready made card blanks or do you make your own? I usually use ready made, unless I'm making a fancy fold card.
- If you use ready made which make do you prefer and why? I buy mine from Hobbycraft, The Range or craft fayres - wherever has a special deal for card/envelope packs with a good weight of card.
- If you make your own what card do you like to use and why? I like linen effect card for a special card.
- What weight of card do you like to use? Anything about about 220 gsm, but not so thick that it doesn't fold cleanly. I find 300 gsm is often too thick.
- Do you have a preferred colour? I use mainly white and cream, or red and green for some Christmas cards. I often cover the front of a card blank with thin coloured card if I want a specific colour to match the image or patterned paper.
- What size do you prefer to make? Usually 6"x 6" or 5" x 7".

LesleyG said...

I mostly make my own using Stampin'Up! Scoreboard, square ones bought from craft fairs occasionally .
SU thick whisper white is my staple, but I like to use their coloured card as bases too, as I think it looks more unique hand crafted, approx 280g.
Usually make A6, A5 for special occasions, but love doing fancy folds too, so I find ready made restricting, not always good weight (hate floppy cards 😀), and although the I like the look of scalloped, I always struggle with layout, as it never looks centered properly!
Great idea of yours to do this, and look forward to learning more ! Xxx

Marianne's Craftroom said...

I buy ready made and mainly use 6x6. For special occasions I use 7x7 and occasionally 8x8. I don’t like making rectangular cards at all. I rarely make fancy fold ones either though I do like an easel card. I find for selling that fancy fold ones are more awkward to display and often don’t sell as well as square ones. I buy various makes either from Hobbycraft or at shows where they tend to be cheaper. I buy linen card from The Range to make shaped cards using Go Kreate dies, frilly 10 Large is my favourite set. Lastly I only use white or kraft though I did buy a pack of black cards and use those occasionally.

KT Fit Kitty said...

Hi, Kath! I haven't been blogging for a while but was scrolling through today and saw your question. This looks like fun... here are my answers:

Do you use ready-made card blanks or do you make your own?
I don't live near any craft stores so I tend to make my own. I used to make a lot of square cards when I firt started and I still have some card blanks left. On the rare occasion that I make a square card, I use those 5.5" x 5.5" square blanks that I've had in my stash for many years. However, these days I mostly make A2 cards (4.25" x 5.5") and cut my own card bases from white cardstock.

If you use ready made which make do you prefer and why?
I prefer to make my own.

If you make your own what card do you like to use and why?
I prefer Neenah Classic Crest Solar White 110-lb but also use Accent Opague White 120-lb. I prefer the Neenah 110-lb as I find the other one too heavy, too thick.

What weight of card do you like to use? Neenah Classic Crest Solar White 110-lb.

Do you have a preferred colour? White

What size do you prefer to make? A2 (4.25" x 5.5")

Hope this helps! Looking forward to your next question. I enjoyed browsing other people's answers. Enjoy your day!

Megan J said...

Hi Kath,

I prefer to buy my card blanks when there is a sale online, I picked up 50 5x7" card blanks and envelopes for $8AU, they are a great size not too small or overly large and are a good quality, I also buy square card blanks as they are usually supplied with coordinating envelopes.
I have made card blanks for fancy fold cards and I made a mistake buying two packs of envelopes which I have to cut my own card blanks to use up, I use either 200 or 250gsm cardstock to make them.
What colour- always white, I still have coloured card blanks that I have never used from when I first started making cards over 20yrs ago... Thank you for the offer of a prize, playing just for fun.
Have a wonderful week, Megan

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

No thanks to prize Kath but came over from Dis thought this sounded interesting so joining in ...
Supposed to be doing return commenting but bad me..😆😉
- Do you use ready made card blanks or do you make your own?
Do both, if lazy or hurry, grab premade, if time us my lovely 300gsm A3 sheet and cut up. Make varied sizes from it. Also have other favourite colour cards or textures in A4 size I make various sizes from but never ever by choice make the US teeny weeny A2 size. Simply do not like them.

- If you use ready made which make do you prefer and why?
No brand ... always buy 5 x 7 in minimum of 250gsm, except my cheap ones from cheap shop which are smaller, not sure if size but bigger than A2 smaller than 5 x7
Much prefer ready made but laziness means other easier.

- If you make your own what card do you like to use and why?
Simply easier. Peter white textured of good weight but if Embossing front base of single weight backing prefer smooth as waste of texture, these must be 250gsm+

- What weight of card do you like to use?
Favourite is 300gsm buy cardstock is hard to get in Oz my only 309gsm came from am office supply store and they ordered the ream of A3 in and it was very expensive, glad bought two reams though as it’s beautiful card and the dollar has lost so much ground. Be worse now.
- Do you have a preferred colour?
White or off white.
- What size do you prefer to make?
I tend to make 5 x 7” cards as that’s more standar in Oz, I like square cards large, but they cost double post so don’t often make them,
5 x 7 is standard post cost. If special birthday I make any old size and close or make envelope to fit.
That Kath, was fun, off to check out others.
Thanks for being a blessing, and may God bless you too.
Hugs, Shaz in Oz.x

{Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
{Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

BTW after reading comments for anyone who says 300gsm doesn’t fold well, I’ve a Martha Stewart scoreboard, years old and well loved, more latterly I came across a silicone bone folder.
These two work like a dream team.
If in doubt you could always water spritz lightly your card on back before scoring. I never ever have any trouble.
Must admit it would be different if no score board. I use mine all the time. Especially lining up things to get straight line, put card at right angles to line and you seem to see if things aren’t straight in place. 😊💕

Aquarius said...

For a long time I've been using 6 x 6 cards in white and cream from Southfield via my local craft shop (packs of 100 with separate packs of envelopes and inserts). However they are no longer stocking them and I'm almost out of stock. I have quite a stock of smaller sizes 5 x 5, DL, 5 x 7 and A6 mostly Docraft which I've had for some considerable time and which I really should use up. My real preference is for 6 x 6 and I will probably look out for another source but in the meantime I will try really hard not to be too tempted. The Southfield cards are not scored but they do fold well and are of a good weight. The other sizes I have are scored and although there a few coloured ones they are mostly white or cream with some in kraft card.

What an interesting idea to research in this way - always good to share ideas and opinions

Lia said...

I prefer white or cream cardstock for scrapbooking: 30,5 x 30,5 cm/250 gr. , so I can trim my favorite measures: 14 x 14 or 14,5 x 14,5 or 15 x 15 cm. I like making square cards the most. I keep snippets in a basket, because they are fine for diecutting small items.
Lia xx

Di said...

Hi Kath! I see a few Playmates have hopped over to leave their comments today. I forgot to add to my own comment(s) that I'm just playing for fun. This really is such a great idea - and Shaz in Oz is so right about the folder she uses - I actually score using a narrower 'nib' than my newer 'bone folder'. It's made of teflon and just glides down a fold once I've scored it with the finer pointed folder and never gets those little 'nicks' in like the plastic ones do down the sides. Needless to say I first spotted Jennifer McGuire using one! Di x

Kathyk said...

This month's questions are about Card Blanks:
- Do you use ready made card blanks or do you make your own? I tend to use ready made card blanks
- If you use ready made which make do you prefer and why? I like craftwork cards usually .... and tend to buy them from Limetree, at craft shows as they have offers. I like their sturdy weights and size options - though I do wish they offered straight edged C6 at 300gsm weight rather than just 250gsm
- If you make your own what card do you like to use and why?
- What weight of card do you like to use? I like the 250gsm and upwards weights as I made CAS and OLC cards
- Do you have a preferred colour? I almost always buy white these days. When I first started out I bought all sorts of fabulous colours and, frankly, still have a lot of them in the drawer! Occasionally, I ring the changes with Kraft cards as I love the effect of pencils on kraft
- What size do you prefer to make? These days I tend to make the US A2/UK C6 with the occasion 5" square - for a change!

Thanks for posing this question, it's interesting to see the replies oh, and I'm with Liz in that I usually mat and layer my cards, unless they're going abroad! When folding my cards I use a teflon "bone folder" - cheap from Amazon - gives lovely crisp folds - even on 300gsm card, further to Shaz in Oz' comment about folding. As per Lia's comment about snippets ... mine have graduated to a large-ish "tupperware" style container

Thanks for the opportunity to win the stamp set but I'm going to say THANKS BUT NO to an entry in the draw - I had way too many flower sets I seldom use - let someone who's likely to use it win it!


Sarn said...

Hi Kath . . . popped over from the Snippets Playground to add my twopenneth! This is a great idea!

1. I will be making all my own cards once existing ready-made card blanks are used up. This is because I prefer sturdier card and the fact that the white card blank will match the white of any focal point or die cuts.

2. For ready-made, I've been using up the 250gsm Craft UK packs of 50 cards & env's from Hobby Craft. They are reasonable weight and a good price and I have a local Hobby Craft so it's convenient.

3. For making my own cards I am currently using Hobby Craft's 300gsm white A4 card which is supplied in 100 sheet packs for £9. It is nice and sturdy, creases fine with score board and teflon bone folder and takes a limited amount of watercolouring without buckling.

4. Preferred colour = white.
5. Preferred weight = 300gsm
6. Preferred size = A6 (but I do use quite a few other sizes in addition)


Aimeslee Winans said...

Hello, Kath. I'm answering just for fun, not for the prize.

I make different sizes of cards - A2, A&, 6x6 and the occasional 5.5x8.5 and 4.125x9.5 and odd-shaped cards. Plus, I began as a scrapbooker and have way too much 12x12 card stock already. PLUS I like a thick rigid base compared to most of the card blanks I've seen. So, I make my own card blanks.

I buy A2, A& and 6x6 kraft envies on Amazon and any other size I make using some templates I bought years ago.

My style is very eclectic, so this keeps me happy doing it this way.

Hope this helps, xoxo

designbydonna said...

what a great idea. It is great to read what others do and may pick up helpful hint. I usually make my own card bases from either white or colored card stock. don't ask me a technical question like weight!LOL! I like the A2 size as I can get 2 cards from an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet. I will get ready made ones when they are 1/2 price and or a good coupon sale.

Heidi MyLittleStampingBlog said...

I make my A2 cards from Neenah Solar White 80# paper. I buy it by the ream and it lasts about 18 months. This way, if I mess up a card base, I can easily make another. Also, if I add more white layers, the layers will be the same color of white.

I do wish I had a cheaper source for envelopes. I think that buying the cards with envelopes might be a really good way to save pennies.

I sometimes will make cards out of colored cardstock too, and then add the white layer inside to write on.

Di said...

What a great idea Kath! So useful to read other people's ideas and opinions, a great way to learn. Here are my answers:

- Do you use ready made card blanks or do you make your own?

I often sort of cheat by cutting down larger cards to suit. I make my own A6 cards and fancy folds but that's because it's more economical. I find that chopping larger square cards down isn't as painful as you might think and the gsm is right plus the score lines are already there.

- If you use ready made which make do you prefer and why?

I love Craft UK card blanks, just the right weight (250 gsm I think) and the white especially is such a pure white. Generally buy them from Hobbycraft.

- If you make your own what card do you like to use and why?

I use Hobbycraft 300gsm when making my own cards. I hate my cards to just flop about.

- What weight of card do you like to use?

Either 250 or 300gsm

- Do you have a preferred colour?

White. Pastel cards can look a bit wishy washy and amateur to me - although I'll happily add pale card stock to a white card blank. I do love using Kraft card for blanks, either ready made or using Neenah 'Desert Storm'.

- What size do you prefer to make?

Right now I tend to make the US A2 size. It does mean chopping down 5.75" x 5.75" Craft Creations card blanks (which they have the cheek to label as ^" square!)to side opening (portrait or landscape) or tent style. But, the overall dimensions are more pleasing to me in general than our UK A6 size (although I can get two of those from an A4 sheet of Hobbycraft card of course.And, Amazon UK sell A2 sized envelopes I discovered about a year ago.

Sorry if this is a long ramble! I hadn't realised how I'd homed in on doing things certain ways! More please.


Di xx

Really sorry - I needed to correct the brand of card I use and could only think to make a new comment and delete the old ones. Delighted that folk are coming over from the Playground!

Heather said...

Just popping in from the playground after Di suggested we stop in a play along. Wow, I am so surprised by how many that have commented buy their card blanks! The only pre-made bases I have ever used were ones given to me by people getting out of card making. So, I pretty much always make my own and I almost always make an A2 size card as you can get two out of an 8 1/2x11 sheet no matter if you do horizontal or vertical. I prefer a heavier weight about 110lb if available as it makes for a sturdier card that stands up better. I bought Park Lane white card stock at JoAnne's a while ago and will continue to use that for a white as it is nice and sturdy and can be purchased with a good coupon. But I also love colored stock (for that I use MFT and/or Papertrey Ink) and what I use will depend on what papers I use and what look I am going for. And I use my Scor-pal for scoring so I never have issues with the card not folding nicely. What a fun game this has been! I think I'll not play for the prize, just for the fun of adding my two cents! (If you can't tell, I'm from the U.S. and it seems crafting here is a bit different from the U.K. and other "across the pond".)

Jules said...

Hi Kath

What an interesting post .. .. great idea .. .. and interesting to read everyone's comments too.

So in answer to your questions

1. Up to now I have used mainly ready made card blanks but occasionally make my own.

2. I have been buying for years from Craft Creations but sadly they are no longer trading as they used to. The company has been taken over by new owners who are not supplying everything as the old firm did. Their card blanks now seem to come in packs with envelopes. I used to buy white and cream creative linen 144 x 144 in bulk.

3. If I make my own I use white or cream creative linen

4. Preferred weight 260gsm upwards

5. Main preference for colour is white, followed by kraft and cream, but occasionally other colours creep in!! LOL!!!

6. Most are 144 x 144 as this is what my customers seem to prefer, but my teeny tiny cards are a close second (they are 3.5" square .. .. whatever that is in metric!! LOL!!)

Separate to having used Craft Creations I also use a place called PDA Card and Craft who I use for a lot of my wedding work. You can find them here
This place might be of interest to other readers.

They have a wide range of card, card blanks and envelopes in various qualities and the more you order the cheaper they are. They sell general craft stuff too. Always reliable and you can buy handy sample swatches so that you are not relying on computer colours when ordering.

Hope this helps.

Looking forward to reading through everyone's responses more thoroughly later.

Love Jules xx

Jane Willis said...

Just coming back to this, I'm surprised by how many people cut their own 15cm/6" square card blanks from A4 card. I always buy A4 card and if I make a card blank that's anything other than trifold DL, A5 or A6 it results in a lot of waste - and there are only so many white 6cm wide snippets one can use! So it usually works out cheaper to buy square ones ready cut. For DL ones, the snippet left is usually big enough to be useful so I still cut my own.
For anyone worried about scoring and creasing 300gsm card, I'd like to echo what Shaz in Oz says, a scoring board and a bone folder are the way to go.

Vicky Hayes said...

The answers to these questions are so interesting - I've been wondering what people have been using!

I use a mixture of both ready made and handmade card blanks.
I always use ready made square ones as they are less wasteful and I like that the envelopes come with them if I'm honest.
I get ready made card blanks from Hobbycraft where they're are often on offer.
I do prefer tent-fold cards as they're easier to photograph for blogging, and you can't buy those ready made. I cut the A4 sheet in half lengthwise and score using my scoreboard.
I used to use SU thick white for bases and the ordinary Whisper White for layers because the colours match perfectly. It is a bit pricey for me now though, so I'm hunting for a thick and a thin in the same colour white (please let me know if you've found any!)
I have lots of SU coloured and textured card stock which I like using if I want a coloured card blank.

Thank you for doing these Q&As Kath and for giving us the chance to win such an amazing prize.
Vicky x